HavenBourque RT @garyruskin: U.S. regulators may recommend testing food for glyphosate residues. http://t.co/SzegyTkohI Another great story by @careygil
HavenBourque RT @DanCitizen: Great (but tragic) image on the human race... #deforestation #climatechange http://t.co/V4cT3VmY2o
HavenBourque RT @WIRED: Our guide to the produce aisle’s biggest water hogs: http://t.co/c1TMiy2owp http://t.co/LW2YDwlXqe
HavenBourque Right, @MariaFinn. Little fish, like sardines, are still a sustainable #seafood choice. Eating low on the food chain is always good.


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