HavenBourque Hey @OaktownFoodnLaw @eastbaydish good huddle today. Glad big things are afoot! #Oakland #food #policy
HavenBourque Hmm. A step up from Soylent, for sure. @MicheleRSimon, your take? https://t.co/S5uJr3rWoU
HavenBourque Ugly fish really floats my boat. More #school food leadership from @OUSDNews. https://t.co/gg3LW999gz
HavenBourque ICYMI: mission-critical for peak season vegetable eggplant. https://t.co/DPTvmYOgfK
HavenBourque Nor mine. Eggplant myths need busting. https://t.co/D9OVUOHlMy


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